1.  Remove the horn button, horn contact assembly and the horn lead assembly.

2.  Remove the steering wheel nut retaining ring and then the steering wheel nut.

You should have the following pile of parts removed


3.  If your wheel and shaft do not have corresponding alignment marks, use a chisel or similar tool to mark them for proper alignment upon re-assembly.

4.  Install steering wheel puller (a crankshaft puller will also work) to remove steering wheel.


5.  Next, remove the lock plate dust cover. And using a lock plate removal tool, depress the lock plate just enough to expose the locking ring, (careful not to mar the lock plate.) I usually use a small flat blade screwdriver and a small pick to easily remove the locking ring.

6.  Once you have removed the lock plate assembly, you may now remove the turn signal canceling cam and upper steering column shaft bearing spring.

7.  Remove the turn signal switch actuating arm, hazard warning switch button, and the three screws securing the turn signal switch to the upper bowl assembly.


8.  Grab the turn signal lever/cruise control switch and pull it straight out of the windshield wiper switch.


9.  Next, we will remove the drivers hush panel, and lower steering column cover. Locate and unplug the turn signal switch and wiper switch electrical connectors. 

10.  Pull the turn signal switch and wiring towards the back of the car as far as it will go, (do not worry, it will pull out far enough to do the fix,) there is no need to remove the lower steering column support bracket. Let the switch hang free.

11.   Remove the key-in ignition warning buzzer switch and spring.

11.  Remove the key-in ignition warning buzzer switch and spring.


12.  Using a number 20 Torx bit, remove the lock cylinder retaining screw, and pull the lock cylinder straight out.